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Our Services

We know HVAC and Refrigeration's our specialty. Regardless of the damage type we've got you covered. Let us help you settle your Residential or Commercial claims using the facts. HVACi proudly offers Onsite Inspections and iCheck Desktop Claim Reviews, for both residential and commercial claims.

Onsite HVAC Inspections

HVACi’s technicians have the skill set to investigate many types of equipment failures. Our services help you determine whether the damage occurred from lightning, hail, surge, smoke, water, or wear and tear – using the most highly rated techniques and procedures.

We are committed to providing accurate, timely, and fact-based reports. Our detailed damage assessments deliver comprehensive information regarding what was damaged, how it was damaged, and whether or not the equipment can be repaired…at what cost. Our findings are actionable, as we can always refer a local company for the repairs/installation of equipment for the recommended settlement amount.

iCheck Desktop Review

In addition to our onsite inspections, HVACi now offers a simple desktop claim review, offering a lightning fast (pun intended) turn-around-time of 4 business hours for residential claims. This service, called “iCheck”, provides tremendous value.  We review the insured’s HVAC contractor invoice, verify the equipment is of like kind and quality, validate market pricing and availability, and confirm labor estimates and hourly rates, giving you the ability to settle claims with confidence.  Think of it…with iCheck, you’ll never overpay an HVAC invoice again!

Residential and Commercial Experience

HVACi’s subject matter expertise spans across all types of residential and commercial HVAC manufacturers. Our residential experience includes: split systems, package units, ductless split systems, geothermal systems, gas/electric furnaces, PTAC units, heat pumps and boilers. Commercial expertise includes (but is not limited to): chiller systems, air handing units, boiler systems, condensing units, cooling towers, gas furnaces, rooftop package units and mini-split systems.


Hear What Our Clients Have To Say

"The details of the reports are awesome.  I could not be happier with the service that HVACi provides."

RICHARD – Property Adjuster, ILLINOIS

“I am so glad we found you and your company. You have allowed us to deal fairly with our policyholders and pay only what is legitimately owed. You truly have made a great difference for us.”

MICHAEL – Claims Adjuster, VIRGINIA

"Your turnaround time is truly amazing.  There are NO vendors or experts that deliver the service/turnaround time HVACi does.  Thank you for all of your hard work."

KEVIN – Senior Claims Adjuster, FLORIDA

"The turnaround time was exceptional, especially with having to do an on-site inspection.  Thank you for your prompt and thorough services."

BRENDA – Commercial Claims, COLORADO

"I always enjoy working with everyone at HVACi - the turnaround time, the customer service, and the quality are all excellent.  Thank you!"

ERIN – Claims Representative, TEXAS