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Cause of Damage

Our experienced technicians thoroughly discern the more common types of damage to an HVAC or Refrigeration unit such as lightning, hail, theft/vandalism, water, fire/smoke, wear and tear and surge, as well as the more unique cases.
Lightning Damage


Lightning damage to HVAC Systems is one of the most commonly stated causes of damage for HVAC Claims.  In fact, nearly 41% of all HVAC systems inspected by HVACi in 2012 were claimed to have been caused by lightning.  After inspection of these systems, only 19% were found to have been truly damaged by lightning.

Hail Damage


Hail damage to HVAC Systems condenser coil fins, exposed copper line-sets, and system casing are very commonly submitted types of damages.  Various repair techniques are available to address these types of damages, including combing the condenser coil fins and replacement of the outdoor condenser coil per industry best practices.  Over 52% of hail damaged systems were found to be repairable by combing the condenser coil fins in 2012.



Theft and vandalism claims are more rampant than ever in the HVAC Claims industry. Theft of copper line-sets, condenser coils and associated components are an everyday occurrence to both residential and commercial systems around the country.  And yet, last year, only 21% of all theft damage systems required a full system replacement after an HVACi on-site evaluation.

Water Damage


HVACi technicians inspect water damaged HVAC and refrigeration systems, including damage to system electrical components and subsequent rust damage causing equipment failure.

Water Damage


Fire damage to HVAC Systems indoor and outdoor components represented 4% of all systems inspected last year.  HVACi technicians maintain the skillset to make appropriate repair/replacement recommendations to bring insured’s HVAC Systems to normal operation or pre-loss status.

Leaking Broiler Tubes

Wear & Tear

Age related wear and tear to HVAC Systems was found to be the actual cause of damage to 24% HVAC Systems claimed following a field inspection in 2012.  And while this damage type is rarely, if ever claimed, it is very often the primary contributing factor of damage.

Surge Damage


HVACi technicians possess the technical ability to distinguish surge vs. lightning damage to electrical/electronic parts and components contained within HVAC systems.  Power surge damage is very common, and often repairable when appropriate repair techniques are performed.

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