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This report includes data for both onsite inspections and desktop reviews of residential, commercial, and large loss HVAC claims. The data includes HVAC claims in all 50 states, for all primary types of loss, and across all major equipment types and manufacturers. The report is distributed to insurance carriers nationwide to gain a deeper understanding of the trends related to insurance HVAC claims.

The data included in the Annual Claims Report provides Property and Casualty insurance carriers with an opportunity to analyze HVAC statistics to promote conversations about indemnity reserves. The evidence on reported vs. actual cause of loss, frequency of claims by system type and brand, and the age of systems claimed by system type all provide information significant for establishing accurate indemnity reserves and for underwriting policies that include HVAC equipment.

This report, published annually by HVACi, is available to all insurance claim professionals. To request your copy, simply fill out the form below and a copy will be sent to you via email.

HVAC Investigators 2016 Annual Claims Report with industry data about HVAC claims

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