HVAC Hail Damage Repair Options

Is your insured claiming hail damage? Use our HVAC education on hail to ensure you understand the viable repair options to return their system to pre-loss condition.

HVAC Education - Hail Repair Options

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Lightning Damage Overview

Lightning is a frequently claimed cause of loss for HVAC systems. Our adjuster's guide will help you differentiate between Lightning, High Voltage Surge, and Wear & Tear claims.

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Water Damage Overview

Water damage can happen to your insured's HVAC system at any time. Make sure you're ready to handle water claims that come your way with our HVAC water damage overview.

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Wind Damage Overview

High winds can accompany a variety of severe weather conditions, including tornadoes and hurricanes. Our wind damage overview outlines the typical damages caused by high winds and the repair options availabe for each type of damage.

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HVAC Theft Overview

Copper prices have been on the rise and, in correlation, so have the number of HVAC thefts. This overview explains what adjusters need to consider before settling HVAC theft claims.

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Smoke/Fire Damage Overview

Smoke and fire damage to HVAC systems can happen year round and result in some of the most severe property claims. Our easy claim overview will help you understand the variables that impact repair options for smoke and fire damaged HVAC systems.

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HVAC System Freeze Damage

Your insured's HVAC system can be both the victim and the culprit of freeze damage. Use our adjuster overview to make settling freeze damage claims easier.

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Puffback Damage

Puffbacks can be a messy and expensive issue that arises in heating systems. Our adjuster's guide will ensure that you know how to handle puffback claims.

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5 Questions To Ask Before Settling HVAC Claims

How do you know if you need to do additional digging or should just settle for the insured's contractor quote? Here are 5 questions to consider before settling an HVAC claim.

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Hail Damage Overview

Lightning damage is the #1 claimed cause of loss for residential HVAC systems. HVACi can help you settle these claims with clarity and confidence.

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Lightning Damage Resources

Hail damage accounts for over $1 Billion in property damage each year. Prepare yourself for hail claims with our easy guide for adjusters.

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