HVAC Investigators Offers New iCheck Desktop Claim Service

New service offers report within 4 business hours

CHARLOTTE, N.C., Feb. 13, 2013 – HVAC Investigators (HVACi), an established market leader providing insurance carriers across the country with heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) damage assessments, announced today the debut of their iCheck desktop review service to Property and Casualty insurance carriers across the nation.

The iCheck service offers insurance adjusters who are evaluating HVAC claims a simple way to verify repair or replacement estimates provided by local HVAC contractors.

“iCheck was introduced in response to growing frustrations in the adjuster community that an easy way to validate contractor estimates didn’t exist, without deep technical expertise or exhaustive research,” said Matthew Livingston, HVAC Investigators’ Vendor Relationship Manager. “The iCheck service ensures that HVAC equipment quoted is based on current market pricing and like-kind-and-quality (LKQ) parts.”

Adjusters can provide a copy of a local contractor’s quote to HVAC Investigators, and within four business hours, an HVAC Investigators processor will call the local contractor, verify parts and materials pricing and availability, adjust for local labor rates, validate level of effort, and prepare an actionable report. The report will definitively state whether the proposed estimates are within an acceptable variance of fair market pricing or should be adjusted based on real-world market factors.

The iCheck desktop review is offered at a simple, low cost flat rate pricing structure for residential and commercial claims of up to two systems. A pilot study of the service has revealed an average claims savings of $1,305 per residential iCheck review.

The complexity of HVAC claims continues to plague our clients, even in cases where field investigations aren’t warranted.” concluded Livingston. “The unique combination of significant time, stress, and monetary savings that iCheck provides prompted us to offer it nationwide. It’s a true win-win.”


HVAC Investigators is the nation’s leading provider of data and inspections on HVAC property insurance claims. The company provides timely inspections and actionable reports to help settle HVAC claims more quickly and with a higher degree of accuracy. For more information, or to submit an assignment, visit HVACinvestigators.com or call 888.407.5224.

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