Boiler Glossary

Boiler Breakdown: A glossary of terms and parts 

Boilers are a relatively common way of heating a home or business, but the complexities of these sophisticated machines aren’t common knowledge. When they break, it’s not always immediately clear what damaged them, if the loss can be covered, or whether they can be repaired. 

If you’re an insurance adjuster dealing with a boiler damage claim, you want to understand what parts are actually damaged in the assessment and estimate, as well as how they are critical to the boiler’s function. That’s exactly why we at HVACi have put together an easy-to-use schematic with a glossary of parts. Our simple guide not only shows you what the names of the parts are but also concisely explains the function of each one in straightforward terms. It’s a great tool to keep on hand for when those boiler claims roll in and you need to be on your A-game. 

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