CCG IQ 2021 Annual Report

Extreme weather took its toll on property claims in 2021, and more than half of all policyholder-reported perils were recategorized following an independent assessment. The data behind these trends – and others – is available in the CCG IQ 2021 Annual Report.

Experts at HVACi and StrikeCheck, CCG IQ’s damage assessment companies, evaluated hundreds of thousands of items included in claims involving HVAC and Refrigeration systems and electrically powered items.

The CCG IQ team analyzed the results of assessments that adjusters assigned to HVACi and StrikeCheck to provide carriers significant insights about claims nationwide.

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  • HVAC and Refrigeration Systems: indemnity leakage information, repair vs. replacement frequency, claim data, claim trends by month, and catastrophe data
  • Electronics and Specialty Items: repair and replacement costs by item type, frequency of claims by item, repair vs. replacement costs, and claim trends by subcategory
  • Lightning: weather trends by state, lightning report with most found lightning, and the average distance of lightning flashes
  • Additional Claims Support: the merger between CCG IQ and Donan Engineering offers new opportunities for partnership

Use this resource to make better data-driven decisions related to claims leakage, carrier-wide efficiency and accuracy, and claims resources availability.


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