EPA Regulation Overview

Regulation Station: EPA Regulations Overview

HVAC system claims come up all the time. However, there are many times when contractors will recommend replacing a unit when repairing it will suffice. One factor a contractor may cite as a reason for replacement is EPA regulation. They may suggest that R-22 is illegal and a new system must be put in place to be compliant. 

But what if that’s not actually the case?

At HVACi, we want insurance adjusters to be equipped with the knowledge they need to identify when a system can be repaired vs. replaced. To that end, we have created our EPA Regulations Overview, which answers:

  • Does the HCFC (R-22) phase-out mean R-22 is illegal?
  • When will no new R-22 be produced?
  • Will manufacturers continue to produce parts for systems that use R-22?
  • What is the Montreal Protocol and the Kigali Amendment?
  • When do they plan on phasing out HFC (R-410a) use?
  • And more.

Be ready and informed when HVAC claims come in and contractors want to replace when a repair will do. Get our EPA Regulation Overview today by filling out the form provided.

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