HVAC Compressor Damage

The HVAC Compressor Failed, but Why? Electrical vs Mechanical Damage

The compressor is considered “the heart” of the HVAC system, but when that heart stops working, a customer may come to you with a claim, asking you, their adjuster, to help them pay to fix it. These components are susceptible to electrical damage from lightning and surges, but even when the insured or the contractor suggests that this may be the cause, the real culprit is usually simple: wear and tear. But where do adjusters start when trying to evaluate the claim and contractor suggestions?

A good place to begin is HVACi’s Compressor Damage Overview, which offers a primer where we take a look into: 

  • What a compressor is and does
  • How mechanical damage presents itself
  • What could actually indicate electrical damage

This overview will act as your guide to knowing the differences and perhaps even help you spot inaccurate or suspect estimates. With it, you’ll be more confident in your claims processing when dealing with HVAC compressors.

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