HVAC Fall and Winter Claims Kit

When the temperature starts inching down, a whole new wave of claims can start flooding your desk. Your customers are starting to kick on their furnaces and boilers to get their homes and businesses nice and cozy for the colder months, and when they fail, you need to handle those claims quickly and effectively to keep your customers happy. 

If you’re not an expert in heating systems, you don’t have to dive into multiple textbooks’ worth of information. We’ve already taken care of that and trimmed it all down into a series of guides, videos, and webinars designed specifically for insurance adjusters: our Fall and Winter Claims Kit. By getting this kit, you’ll learn:

  • How various heating systems work;
  • The parts that make up various heating systems;
  • Common problems with heating systems;
  • And much more!

Get ready for the influx of HVAC claims this fall and winter! Fill out the form to get our Fall and Winter Claims Kit for insurance adjusters.

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