HVAC Regulations Overview

HVAC Regulations Overview: DOE and EPA

DOE and EPA regulations can present a challenge to settling HVAC claims. When tackling these types of claims, you want to know exactly what these regulations entail and how they will affect the repairs or replacement of your customers’ HVAC systems. But going through the lengthy and complicated EPA and DOE regulations that relate to HVAC is tedious, and you don’t always have the time to read every detail of each regulation with the flood of claims coming your way. 

That’s why HVACi has an easy-to-follow video explaining federal regulations designed for busy insurance adjusters. It’s straightforward gives you the details you need, including: 

  • What R-22 is;
  • The Montreal Protocol’s mandate decreasing R-22 production;
  • Whether or not R-22 systems will continue to be used; and
  • What DOE Minimum Efficiency Standards are as of Jan 1, 2015

Be informed and ready for HVAC claims. Watch our Federal Regulations Overview video by filling out the form provided.

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