HVAC System Freeze Damage

According to the Insurance Information Institute, Water and Freeze Damage claims are among the most severe property claims, with an average settlement of over $10,000. With the severity and frequency of this claim type, it is essential for adjusters to understand how HVAC systems can be affected by this type of damage. To make matters more complicated, an insured’s HVAC system can be both the victim and culprit of the freeze damage, particularly if a boiler is involved. Boilers function by pumping hot water or steam throughout the home, and therein lies ample opportunity for the pipes to freeze or burst under the right conditions. While freeze damage most frequently occurs with boilers, our HVAC System Freeze Damage Adjuster Guide reviews the types of HVAC systems that are susceptible to this damage type, along with the common causes of Freeze Damage.

For more information about boilers, check out our article on the dangers of freezing water and boilers.

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