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Nationwide Network of HVAC Technicians

Let's face it - insurance carriers never know where the next HVAC claim is going to be located. This underscores the need for a network of objective and reliable technicians on a national scale. HVAC Investigators offers quality and timely service through our experienced technicians based locally across the continental U.S. The average driving distance from our technician’s base location to any loss site is less than 30 miles.

Same Day Scheduling

We pride ourselves in same day appointment scheduling for assignments at loss locations nationwide.  Additionally, our experienced dispatch team is proactive and takes the time to explain the process to your insured, which ultimately increases their customer satisfaction.

National Coverage

HVACi provides professional investigative services through our expert technician network across the nation.  Our response time and wide coverage area allow us to react to any claim, anywhere in the continental U.S.  With HVACi, the days of over-paying so-called “HVAC experts” for extensive travel, mileage and per diem while waiting weeks or months for the requested information are over.

Nationwide HVAC technicians for lighting insurance claims



Hear What Our Clients Have To Say

“Just want to say thanks for doing a GREAT Job on this assignment. This was a very fast response time by HVACi! On behalf of our insured and company thanks for your speed of service and professionalism.”

WILL – Property Adjuster, MISSISSIPPI

“I am so glad we found you and your company. You have allowed us to deal fairly with our policyholders and pay only what is legitimately owed. You truly have made a great difference for us.”

MICHAEL – Claims Adjuster, VIRGINIA

"Since utilizing the services of HVACi, the claims process has been fair, clear, concise, and easy due to the professionalism of every member of the HVACi team."


"Thank you so much. The service is fast and I am impressed. This our my first loss with your company and I look forward to using you again!"

SHARON – Claims Manager, TEXAS

"I love working with you guys. It's great to have all the info that I need in your report to be able to shoot down local contractors that submit crazy bids. I explain your findings to the homeowner and typically there aren't any follow-up questions (or bids)."

NANCY – Field Adjuster, GEORGIA