A Range of Services

We know all types of HVAC and Refrigeration equipment inside and out. Let us help you settle residential or commercial HVAC claims using just the facts through our onsite damage inspections and iCheck Desktop Claim Reviews.

HVAC Investigators’ team members have the knowledge and experience to examine equipment failures to any HVAC or Refrigeration system. Our onsite services use engineering best practices to determine cause of loss and scope of damage, and our desktop services ensure carriers are settling for available equipment at market value. Data-driven reports for all our services are comprehensive, accurate, timely, and, most-importantly, actionable.


HVAC Investigators experts are experienced and knowledgeable about all types of HVAC equipment and failures. Our services will determine cause of loss, including lightning, hail, surge, water, or wear and tear, by applying testing using innovative technology and engineering best practices.

We are committed to providing accurate, timely, and fact-based reports. Our comprehensive solutions deliver detailed information about cause of loss, scope of damage, and the potential cost to return a policyholder to pre-loss condition.


Desktop claim reviews validate needed information in an estimated 1 business day for residential claims. We review the insured’s HVAC contractor invoice to verify the equipment is of Like Kind and Quality, substantiate market pricing and component availability, and confirm labor estimates to settle claims with confidence and accuracy.