Nationwide Network

Let’s face it – insurance carriers never know where the next HVAC claim is going to be located. This underscores the need for a network of objective and reliable technicians on a national scale. HVAC Investigators offers quality and timely service through our experienced technicians based locally across the U.S. The average driving distance from our technician’s base location to any loss site is less than 30 miles.


We pride ourselves in same day appointment scheduling for assignments at loss locations nationwide. Additionally, our experienced dispatch team is proactive and takes the time to explain the process to your insured, which ultimately increases their customer satisfaction.


HVAC Investigators provides professional investigative services through our expert technician network across the nation. Our response time and wide coverage area allow us to react to any claim, anywhere in the continental U.S. with HVAC Investigators, the days of over-paying so-called “HVAC experts” for extensive travel, mileage and per diem while waiting weeks or months for the requested information are over.