Challenges with Traditional Assessment Processes

Standard commercial process inadequate for large loss claims

Despite their size and scope, large-loss HVAC claims often receive the same traditional assessment process applied to standard commercial claims.  Unfortunately, these practices and procedures do not adequately address the complexity or scope that large loss claims demand, and result in large-loss adjusters dealing with:

  • Disorganized, haphazard process, with no clear milestones or management
  • Slow turnaround times, from weeks to months in length
  • Mistake-prone field reports that require multiple revisions
  • Service levels not commensurate with risk
  • Poor or non-existent post-claim follow up
  • Limited interactions with the insured’s contractor


Designing a process specific to large loss claims

In order to address the unique set of challenges associated with large loss claims, HVACi developed a set of best practices and processes designed to deliver maximum value for carriers without impacting claim accuracy or turnaround time. HVACi’s large loss process is built around improving service delivery for the following disciplines:

  • Improved Turnaround Times through the use of technology enabled tools and by utilizing an inside/outside team approach to pair onsite and in-office team members
  • Resource Organization and Management that includes a specialized workforce composed of subject matter experts, detailed project planning, pre-inspection preparation, and pre-built system inventories
  • Validated Accuracy by employing multi-step data validation, uploading assessment data directly from the field, and engaging in post-claim discussions with the adjuster, the insured, and the insured's contractor


A designated team of large loss experts

HVACi's large loss team is a specialized workforce composed of subject matter experts in HVAC diagnosis, technology, claims processing, report writing, and pricing research. Aside from having subject matter experts in the field of HVAC, this team allows HVACi to dramatically shorten turnaround time through parallel processing while ensuring data accuracy through multi-step data validation.

HVACi Large Loss Team

  • Project Manager - Determines turnaround time and pricing with adjuster, leads discussion with the insured's contractor, measures team against timelines and milestones, estimates level of effort for operational staffing, and functions as primary point of contact for adjuster
  • Field Technician - Conducts the onsite technical assessment, provides damage determination and cause of loss, verifies the repairability vs. replacement of damaged systems, determines the repair method(s) as appropriate, and provides post-claim technical support
  • Field Associate - Provides onsite documentation, collects and documents system photographs, uploads data directly from the field, coordinates with the inside team, and ensures that the assessment stays on track
  • Inside Associate - Verifies the integrity of data uploaded by the field associate, matches field data to pre-built system information, loads site layouts and schematics, and operates as secondary point of contact for the adjuster
  • Claims Processor - Researches parts/materials pricing and availability, conducts report prep work, generates final report, and provides post-claim clarifications
  • Claims Concierge - Attends to any customer service escalation and provides post-claim dispute resolution

Case Study

2014 large loss claim assigned to HVACi

After years of developing assessment best practices specific to large loss claims, HVACi released a large loss claim case study that illustrates the benefits of this proven process.

Case Study Highlights:

  • Loss Location: Southeast Texas
  • Cause of Damage: Hail
  • Systems: 497 Rooftop Package Units
  • System Damage: 442 hail damage, 37 not damaged, 15 foreign object impact, 2 wear and tear, and 1 theft/vandalism
  • Recommended Action: 458 required repair, 38 required no action, 1 required a full replacement
  • Claimed Amount: $4,555,711
  • Recommended Settlement: $459,027
  • Accuracy: $4,096,684
  • Turnaround Time: 9 business days
Large loss case study
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