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On-site HVAC Inspections

HVACi’s qualified technicians perform on-site assessments of damaged HVAC equipment for residential and commercial insurance claims nationwide. We'll determine what damages actually occurred, what equipment can be repaired and what should be replaced with new. A recommended settlement is then prepared and delivered in our final report so that the insured can be fairly brought back to pre-loss status.

Our Value

HVACi takes the guesswork out of claims evaluations.

Insurance fraud remains one of the most costly components of property and casualty premium charges, accounting for over $1 Billion in unnecessary annual expenses every hear.  HVACi provides a back-stop for insurance companies…we protect your organization from fraudulent claims and help you settle faster, without impacting the customer experience.

Best Practices

HVACi Reports

Our easy to interpret reporting has taken into consideration all of the factors needed to make a decision on your claim.  Our thorough assessments provide detailed information about the insured’s HVAC equipment, the cause of the damage, and whether or not the equipment is repairable or must be replaced, and if so, at what cost.

Repair vs. Replacement Comparison

HVACi’s technicians have the wide skill set to investigate many types of equipment failure.  Our services help carriers determine whether the damage occurred from lightning, surge, smoke, water, or wear and tear –  using the most highly rated industry techniques and procedures.

On-site Inspection Benefits

  • Cause of Damage Verification
  • Repair vs. Replacement Cost Comparison
  • Recommended Action / Settlement
  • Repair & Replacement Parts Availability Verification
  • Current Market Parts & Labor Pricing
  • Photographs of Equipment
  • ACV Settlement

Here’s how the Claims Process Works:

Onsite HVAC Inspections forensic investigations

Hear What Our Clients Have To Say

“Just want to say thanks for doing a GREAT Job on this assignment. This was a very fast response time by HVACi! On behalf of our insured and company thanks for your speed of service and professionalism.”

WILL – Property Adjuster, MISSISSIPPI

“I am so glad we found you and your company. You have allowed us to deal fairly with our policyholders and pay only what is legitimately owed. You truly have made a great difference for us.”

MICHAEL – Claims Adjuster, VIRGINIA

"Since utilizing the services of HVACi, the claims process has been fair, clear, concise, and easy due to the professionalism of every member of the HVACi team."


"Thank you so much. The service is fast and I am impressed. This our my first loss with your company and I look forward to using you again!"

SHARON – Claims Manager, TEXAS

"I love working with you guys. It's great to have all the info that I need in your report to be able to shoot down local contractors that submit crazy bids. I explain your findings to the homeowner and typically there aren't any follow-up questions (or bids)."

NANCY – Field Adjuster, GEORGIA