4 Things to Look for When Assessing Hail Damage to a Condensing Unit

If you have checked out our HVAC Hail Damage Repair Hierarchy, you know that there is often a repair option available when faced with a hail damaged HVAC claim. To return the unit to pre-loss condition, the condenser coil can often be combed to restored to pre-loss condition. The condenser coil is constructed of copper tubing covered in a layer of malleable aluminum fins that facilitate heat transfer from the refrigerant to the surrounding air. When hail (or any other foreign object) strikes the coil, these fins can be bent and flattened, eventually reducing the ability for the coil to transfer heat efficiently. When tackling these types of claims there are a few factors that influence whether or not combing is a valid repair option. Our adjuster guide dives into the 4 things to look for when assessing hail damage to a condensing unit.

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