DOE Regulations Overview

Regulation Station: DOE Regulations Overview

When you’re getting customers back to pre-loss condition after damage to their HVAC systems, you have to ensure that any repairs or replacements are compliant with Department of Energy (DOE) standards for efficiency. When the insured’s contractor comes back with an estimate beyond what you expected, claiming it’s due to efficiency standards, you want to be able to confidently confirm that they are providing compliant restoration that is like in kind and quality. But DOE regulations are extensive and full of legalese, so they can be a bit tedious and challenging to read through, and you want to get your claims processed as quickly as possible. 

We at HVACi have made it much easier to understand DOE minimum efficiency standards for newly installed HVAC equipment. In our guide, we give you an overview of:       

  • The different measurements the DOE uses for these efficiency standards;
  • The residential HVAC efficiency requirements based on region and HVAC unit type (i.e. air conditioning, heat pump, etc.);
  • The basics of the two-phase regulation for commercial units; and
  • The commercial HVAC efficiency requirements based on cooling capacity and type of system.

With this guide, you’ll be better equipped to understand what is truly required of any replacement systems (or even if systems need replacement, as these regulations only apply to newly installed systems) so that you can be confident that you are returning your customer’s system to pre-loss condition in like kind and quality. 

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