Evaporative Cooler Claim Guide

Despite being one of the oldest forms of air conditioning, evaporative coolers are less common than refrigeration based HVAC systems but are still prevalent throughout drier climates (particularly the Western half of the United States). These systems rely on dry ambient air in order to absorb moisture and effectively create cooling, thus evaporative coolers most effectively operate in areas where the relative humidity does not surpass 60%. Evaporative coolers not only systematically operate differently than other traditional system types, but also have specific considerations that adjusters must keep in mind when handling these claims. Our Evaporative Cooler Claim Guide reviews the features that make these systems unique and illustrates what adjusters need to know to settle these types of claims accurately. 

For even more detail on evaporative coolers, check out our blog post on An Introduction to Evaporative Coolers.

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