Hail and Wind HVAC Claims Webinar Recording

Impact damage to HVAC systems can come from a number of sources, but two very common perils are hail and wind damage. Because these damages are so prevalent, you want to be prepared to handle these claims with as much knowledge as possible. 

Thankfully, you don’t need to cram a textbook’s worth of information into your head in order to manage these claims effectively. We at HVACi have already done the heavy studying, and our experts have put together a webinar on hail and wind HVAC claims for insurance adjusters that describes:

  • How HVAC systems work;
  • What components are likely to be damaged by wind or hail;
  • How this type of damage can affect the efficiency of an HVAC system
  • How frequently these damages can be replaced; and
  • Federal regulations that affect the repairs and replacements.

Take advantage of our knowledge and learn more about how wind and hail damages can affect HVAC systems and how you can handle these claims. Watch our Hail and Wind HVAC Claims Webinar recording by filling out the form provided.

IMPORTANT: Previously recorded webinars do not qualify for continuing education credit.


Watch The Webinar