Heat Pump Glossary

Fire Up Your Knowledge: Heat Pump Whats and Hows

Heat pumps, like traditional split systems, remove heat from homes or businesses, but unlike straight cooling units, they also can bring heat into the building rather than requiring a separate furnace or boiler. This makes heat pumps a common choice for those living in more moderate climates, such as Georgia or North Carolina. But what makes up a heat pump system? 

Not everyone has this information at the ready, but as an insurance adjuster, you need to be able to quickly access this material, especially once you get the contractor’s assessment and estimate. That’s why having a heat pump schematic with a glossary of parts is so handy. At HVACi, we’ve crafted a quick reference guide to the components of heat pumps and explained the functions of each part in straightforward terms. It’s great to have on hand to look at when those heat pump claims come in.

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