Heat Pump Video

Getting Warmer: An Introduction to Air Source Heat Pumps

You get plenty of HVAC claims coming across your desk as an insurance adjuster, but not all HVAC systems are the same. Traditional split systems may be the most common, but heat pumps are quite popular, particularly in milder climates like the south. You want to make the best calls when deciding on these claims, so it’s best to be informed. 

We have created a 7-minute video that offers a brief introduction to heat pumps and how they work to heat a conditioned space. Our video outlines:

  • How to tell if a unit is a heat pump;
  • How they generate heat; and
  • Additional components that you may find in a heat pump.

Learn the basics of heat pumps and be more confident in your evaluation of these claims. Watch our heat pump video by filling out the form provided.

Watch The Video