HVAC Theft Claims Overview

Theft consistently ranks as one of the top four most frequently claimed perils by homeowners each year. HVAC systems are particularly common targets for theft crimes as they are comprised of valuable metals, such as copper, that criminals can quickly sell. Theft claims are often complicated to settle because there are a variety of factors that can influence the scope of repair including the timeline of the theft and regulatory impacts. However, last year, HVACi found that 62% of residential theft damaged systems could be returned to pre-loss condition, highlighting the significance for adjusters to understand how to handle these types of claims effectively and accurately. Download our HVAC Theft Overview for an outline of the common components adjusters will see affected by this type of loss and common repair options that can be made to restore the insured’s system to pre-loss condition.

For even more information, head to our blog on the impact of HVAC theft on property claims.


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