HVAC Water Damage Overview

Water damage  can occur at any time of year, whether due to natural or man-made circumstances. HVAC systems are susceptible to water losses from man-made causes such as water leaks in the home or frozen pipes and also natural sources like floods and hurricanes. Although outdoor condensing units are designed to withstand the elements, flood and storm water can rise and cause significant damage to components. Additionally, heavy rains not only cause HVAC damage from backup of water in yards, crawl spaces, and basements, but top down water from blown or leaking roofs can also damage indoor equipment housed in the attic. Fortunately, last year over 50% of residential water damaged HVAC systems could be restored to pre-loss condition by a repair. This illustrates the importance of understanding how these systems are commonly affected by water. Download our adjuster guide to prepare for the various types of water damage you might see affecting HVAC systems when handling these types of claims. 

For more information on identifying water-damage HVAC systems, check out our blog.

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