Water Heater Fundamentals Webinar Recording

Damage to water heaters are pretty common, and when they break, they may not be the only items claimed when they fall on your desk. Water heaters, particularly storage water heaters, can cause thousands of dollars in additional damage when they fail. You want to equip yourself with the fundamental knowledge of water heaters needed to better handle these claims, but where do you start?

Thankfully, you don’t need to study a textbook’s worth of information to manage these claims effectively. At StrikeCheck, our experts have already done the heavy lifting and have constructed a webinar specifically for insurance adjusters who deal with water heater claims. By watching the recording of our 90-minute webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How common water heater damage is;
  • The common perils that damage water heaters and how they can manifest;
  • The types of water heaters you’re likely to encounter;
  • Key components found in water heaters;
  • How water heaters work;
  • Water heater regulations and codes; and
  • What to inconsistencies to look for when handling water heater claims.

This is all explained in a straightforward, concise manner specifically designed to provide insurance adjusters with the information needed to quickly and accurately handle water heater claims.

You can watch our Water Heater Fundamentals Webinar Recording by filling out the form provided today.

IMPORTANT: Previously recorded webinars do not qualify for continuing education credit.

This education is brought to you by our sister company StrikeCheck.

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