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Adjuster Tips

HVACi Customer Case Study

Controlling claims leakage while increasing adjuster efficiency, consistency, and accuracy are among top priorities for insurance carriers. One Top 10 carrier found a way to tackle all those challenges by…

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4 Times Squirrels Caused HVAC System Claims

Are squirrels as innocent as they look? Photo Credit: “Squirrel” by Alastair Newton / CC BY 4.0 This squirrel looks cute, but underneath those innocent eyes is a mouth with…

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Settling Residential and Commercial HVAC Claims

You go through your claims that need to be settled, and there it is – an HVAC system that’s different than the type you are familiar with. Now what? Adjusters…

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Scary Story: Recurring Claim

The simple act of crossing items off your to-do list is a great feeling, particularly if it means you’ve resolved a claim for your insured. But every so often the…

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Customer Service and a Good Policyholder Experience Go Hand in Hand

You’re still waiting for your pizza after 45 minutes despite there being only a handful of other diners. The server has barely said two words to you, and the decorative…

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Adjusters, Ensure Accurate HVAC Claims Settlements By…

Settling claims fairly and accurately begins with making sure you as an adjuster have all the necessary information from the start and that it’s verified. This includes determining cause of…

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Scary Story: Unhappy Customer

It sounds like a good deal if your policyholder can provide the data and photographs you need to get the claim settled as quickly as possible, particularly if a global…

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Scary Story: The Wrong Compressor

Want a scary story that could keep you up at night? Have you heard the one about an adjuster settling a claim on such incorrect information that it leads to…

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Adjusters, Don’t Let Complex HVAC Systems Be Your Claim to Shame

Four Consequences That Can Occur When You Settle a Complex HVAC Claim Alone As an adjuster it’s your job to handle claims as quickly and accurately as possible. But the…

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Don’t Let Improper Installations and Repairs Hide in Your HVAC Claims

An attic caught fire because the air handler was wired incorrectly. Ductwork developed microbial growth because it was re-routed improperly. Hail damaged outdoor HVAC equipment because components were missing. These…

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HVACi Client Case Study

Property and casualty insurance carriers often struggle with finding ways to better control indemnity exposure. One method is to ensure claims involving HVAC equipment are handled consistently and accurately. Find…

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5 Questions to Ask Before Settling HVAC Claims

HVAC claims can be among the most difficult types of claims to settle. Not only is there an urgency to settle these claims quickly due to an HVAC's system function…

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Weird HVAC Claims Hall of Fame

In the claims industry, we all see our fair share of strange losses. As an adjuster, I'm sure you've seen your share of peculiar claims! HVAC losses are not different. They are…

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