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HVAC Regulations Overview

HVAC Regulations Overview: DOE and EPA DOE and EPA regulations can present a challenge to settling HVAC claims. When tackling these types of claims, you want to know exactly what…

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HVAC Regulations Guide For Adjusters

“The system suffered minor damages, but the entire unit will need to be replaced due to federal regulations.” Sound familiar? While numerous federal and state regulations govern different aspects of…

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HVACi’s 2019 Annual Claims Report

HVACi is committed to highlighting the significant opportunity for insurance carriers to control claim leakage without forfeiting the essential customer experience. Each year, HVAC Investigators, the nation’s leading provider of…

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HVACi Releases 2019 Annual Claims Report

HVAC Claims Continue to Offer Property & Casualty Carriers a Monumental Opportunity to Realize Millions in Claims Leakage Annually   HVACi’s 2019 Annual Claims Report showcases the significance of partnering…

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