A Guide to Common Types of Ductwork and How They Impact Claims

Ductwork moves air through a conditioned space, so when they’re damaged, an HVAC system needs to work harder and the air being pumped into the space is compromised. Dust, mold, soot, rips, holes, cracks, and other damages can cause a number of problems in the ductwork, and the solutions aren’t always immediately clear. Many times, contractors will suggest replacing ducts, but what if that isn’t always necessary? What if you can save your company and your customer money by knowing more about ductwork?

We want insurance adjusters like yourself to have the information they need to make an accurate claim settlement, so we’ve put together a straightforward guide to the types of ductwork and how these different types can affect the settlements to these claims. We even include claim statistics, pricing considerations, and regulations that you should take into account whenever handling ductwork claims. This way, you have a better idea of the options available to you and the customer when settling them.

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