HVAC Fundamentals for Adjusters Webinar Recording

HVAC systems come in several different types and have a multitude of complex components to provide your policyholders with preferred air temperatures. An HVAC system’s importance in a home, and the expense of getting one repaired or replaced, makes them prevalent in insurance claims. You don’t have to be an expert in HVAC systems – that’s what we’re here for, but you should know a little bit about the equipment to help ensure appropriate claim resolutions.

The HVAC Fundamentals for Adjusters Webinar delivers the essentials for common types of residential HVAC systems to give you a better understanding about how the equipment works when you see it in claims. Among the topics addressed are:

  • The significance of HVAC claims
  • The principles of HVAC design
  • Split system, heat pump, and ductless/mini-split system overviews
  • The federal regulatory impact on HVAC equipment

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Important: Pre-recorded webinars do not qualify for CE credit.

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