HVAC Spring Storms Claims Kit

HVAC equipment is frequently claimed for storm damage. According to the CCG IQ 2021 Annual Report, over 50% of residential and commercial systems claimed were for storm-related perils. While HVAC systems are built to withstand the elements, their outdoor placement leaves them vulnerable to damages from storms.

This storm claim kit includes resources to help you settle Hail, Lightning, Water, and Wind claims. The kit contains articles, guides, eBooks, a quiz, and pre-recorded webinars. Request your free kit using the form to the right.

Contents in the Kit


  • Hail eBook
  • Hail Claims Involving HVAC Systems Webinar Recording



  • Impacts to HVAC Systems: Wind and Hail Claims
  • Wind Damage to HVAC Condensing Units Guide



  • 5 Ways Direct Lightning Can Impact HVAC Systems in Claims
  • Lightning, Surge, Wear and Tear Interactive Guide



  • Variables Impacting Water Losses
  • Water Damage to HVAC Systems Guide



  • 5 Storm Claims That Benefited From Equipment Evaluations
  • Spring Storm Hail and Wind Claim Quiz
  • Evaluating Spring Storm Claims Webinar Recording



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