HVACi and StrikeCheck 2020 Annual Claim Reports

HVACi and StrikeCheck are the nation’s leading providers of HVAC Refrigeration and Electronics damage assessments on behalf of insurance carriers and adjusters.

Both companies are committed to highlighting the significant opportunity for insurance carriers to control claim leakage without forfeiting the essential customer experience. Our Annual Claims Reports feature data cultivated from thousands of residential and commercial claims assigned to HVACi and StrikeCheck by the nation’s top insurance carriers in all 50 states.

This year’s report provides an analysis of actual 2019 claim data and offers carriers compelling insights into risk management and claim leakage control.

Additionally, the reports:

  • Feature statistics that can help carriers make data-driven decisions
  • Delve into each policy line to provide a thorough analysis
  • Highlight 5-year trends and spotlight some of the largest catastrophes of 2019
  • Include standard information that carriers have come to rely on, such as reported vs. actual cause of loss, average age of equipment, repair vs. replace cost comparisons, and claimed perils by month

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