Smoke and Fire Damage to HVAC Systems

Smoke and fire damage can occur year round and be sparked by a variety of sources ranging from a lightning strike, an electrical malfunction, incident in the kitchen, or even a large-scale wildfire. Recent trends specifically demonstrate that wildfires are increasing in size and cost, which positions this peril as an increasingly complex risk. Additionally, smoke and fire damage can range vastly in severity and potentially spur additional damages such as mold or rust, making an HVAC claim even more complicated for adjusters to settle. Despite how complex these claims are, last year, 3 out of 4 smoke and fire damaged systems could be restored to pre-loss condition by way of repair. To help you further determine the variables that impact repair options for smoke and fire claims, we break down the multiple variables that can impact repair options and govern the severity of the damage in our HVAC Smoke and Fire Damage Adjuster Guide.

For additional information on the rising risk of wildfires on property claims, check out our blog.

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