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Commercial Equipment

5 Things to Know About Economizers

Economizers are required on rooftop package units at residential and commercial properties in some parts of the country because they make HVAC systems more energy efficient. Economizers detect outside temperature…

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Economizer Basics: Who Uses Them, Where They’re Required, and Why They Wind Up in Claims

Economizers, which can be added to the rooftop package units frequently used at commercial properties, have a variety of sensors and other components to gauge if outdoor temperatures and humidity…

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The Basics of Chillers

When a damaged chiller claim lands on your desk, you need to be ready for the complexities that come with it. These systems are often intricate and specialized based on…

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Chiller Claim Guide

Claims involving commercial HVAC equipment can be complex, particularly when it comes to chillers. Determining the cause of loss, scope of repairs, and an accurate settlement amount can be daunting…

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Package Unit Glossary

All-in-One Package: The parts and functions of a package unit While package units may not be the most popular residential HVAC systems (though they are still found in many homes),…

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