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HVAC Fundamentals Webinar Recording

There are thousands upon thousands of HVAC claims filed every year. Odds are that you, as an insurance adjuster, are going to see at least one, if not many. You…

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Heat Pump Video

Getting Warmer: An Introduction to Air Source Heat Pumps You get plenty of HVAC claims coming across your desk as an insurance adjuster, but not all HVAC systems are the…

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HVAC Basics Kit

The HVAC Basics Kit: An Interactive Primer for Insurance Adjusters As an insurance adjuster, you may not be an HVAC expert, but with the thousands of HVAC claims that come…

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HVAC Compressor Damage

The HVAC Compressor Failed, but Why? Electrical vs Mechanical Damage The compressor is considered “the heart” of the HVAC system, but when that heart stops working, a customer may come…

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Split Systems Video

There are several different types of HVAC systems, and, as an insurance adjuster, you need to be prepared for whatever kind of claim comes across your desk. The most common…

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Split System Glossary

Here and There: The components of split system HVAC units The most common type of residential HVAC unit in the United States is the split system, where one section of…

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Heat Pump Glossary

Fire Up Your Knowledge: Heat Pump Whats and Hows Heat pumps, like traditional split systems, remove heat from homes or businesses, but unlike straight cooling units, they also can bring…

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Assessing Ductwork: Perils, Problems, and Factors in Claims Decisions

Many HVAC claims require some attention to ductwork. After all, the ductwork carries the heated or cooled air from the HVAC system to the rest of the building, whether it’s…

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A Guide to Common Types of Ductwork and How They Impact Claims

Ductwork moves air through a conditioned space, so when they’re damaged, an HVAC system needs to work harder and the air being pumped into the space is compromised. Dust, mold,…

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HVAC Refrigerant Leak Guide

HVAC claims are often complex, but a leak in the refrigerant circuit can create a whole new level of difficulty. Most HVAC systems provide air conditioning through the use of refrigerant.…

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Heat Pump Overview

The global heat pump market has grown dramatically due to recent tax credit incentives and for being an energy-efficient heating and cooling option. Heat pump split systems are one of…

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Evaporative Cooler Claim Guide

Despite being one of the oldest forms of air conditioning, evaporative coolers are less common than refrigeration based HVAC systems but are still prevalent throughout drier climates (particularly the Western…

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An Introduction to Evaporative Coolers

Evaporative coolers are a popular alternative to traditional refrigerant-based air conditioning units in regions with hot, dry climates. While they are not seen as frequently as traditional split systems and…

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HVAC Compressor Damage: Lightning or Wear & Tear

The following article on “HVAC Compressor Damage: Lightning or Wear & Tear”, written by Matt Livingston of HVAC Investigators, originally appeared in the Technical Notebook Column of the July 2017 issue of Claims…

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Understanding HVAC Diagnoses – Acidic Refrigerant

Year after year, lightning is consistently the most frequently claimed peril for HVAC systems in homeowner’s claims, and it is also the most often misdiagnosed cause of loss, according to the HVACi 2018…

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